Chapter Four

Warning~! This is chapter FOUR of the comic! If you have not seen chapters one, two, or three yet, I advise you to head there first! And feel free to subscribe to our other site, where we post whenever we have updates here!


Are those legs?Haven't even made it past the prologue, and Quax is already in his fire engine red catsuit.And no, this is not Elementa's rebellious teen phase.What? You thought there'd be hilarious subtext for such a sad page? You're terrible!In which era is this taking place, exactly?Oh God, why are they canon?Wow, the other henchmen get to exist for two whole pages!Did he just watch while she changed?We all know what's coming.She must have broken her neck at least once there...Q-B GONE?That garbage can.Teen Ella - not to be confused with Sailor Moon.Apologies to everyone from New Zealand.And just WHAT does Quinn have on his feet now?Where did that stick come from? Damnit, Quinn!Kelsi keeps binoculars in her skirt for occasions such as these.Is that a wad of chewed gum sitting in her locker?"Nice song, but your bottom's chunky..." - if Quentin had been there.Shout out to Nicholite.GAHAHAHAHAHANow, THERE'S a lap I wouldn't mind sitting upon...Poor Santa.Quax has discovered selfies. The world will burn.And so it begins...Them tiles, tho.Dat glasses glow, though.TechnoKelsi was also built to make us look more fab.Oh God, Kelsi has EYES.HAWTOh right, that necklace is a thing.Throwing money at Rag. ;)Panel one: Hawt.I smell trouble.Emma and the mannequin are long time friends.This plan is foolproof.Uh oh. Hailey's got that twinkle in her eye...Cereal killer.Kelsi's slow transformation into Meg Griffin.The origin of Poostrina.Wait, what just happened?HawwwttNot related. At all.Christmastrina sticks it! 10/10! Would flip again!Too windy to recognize!If only you could bottle that sizzle!Yes, they come with seasonal attacks as well.You wish you had that ring tone!Poor Aremis...What a lovely sign.Here there be dragons?The moment we've all been waiting for...That's supposed to be a ceiling window..."Suddenly we remember we have powers!"FINALLY IT'S OVEREyyy sexy laydayPearls... or a string of Christmas lights?Oh god, "It's" canon.For those of you still doubting Hailey's yandere status...*winks at Kris*Katie shows her true colours.You knew THE FACE was coming.Quinn's magical chest powers know no bounds.The comic within the comic.You know you want one.What is this room?Seriously, is Katie Quax's mother?All Emma does at Hailey's is eat cookies.Wow, a TV!