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Creator Bios

Aura Gale is a university graduate with a degree in psychology (That’s right, look out! she totally mastered the power of mind control!). She is currently searching for a real job with little success…. Oh well. Her hobbies include wearing hairbows, terrorizing the town in her Princess Tutu or Hinaichigo cosplays, and most importantly, watching David Bowie strut around in spandex pants in Labyrinth (Mmmm~!). Although a bit shy, Aura is actually completely nuts and her inner insanity knows no bounds (Her favourite character is Quaximus, after all). She shall be responsible for chapters 1, 2, 5, and 6.

Ustrina Sparks is a university graduate (yay! it’s over!) with a degree in English and will not go in for her masters, no matter how much Evanite nags her. Four years of essays is enough! So there! … At the time of this brief bio, she is eating pizza and avoiding drawing Rag. Her hobbies include drawing Quaximus in ridiculous outfits (see La Carlotta’s “Il Muto” dress in The Phantom of the Opera – that is, the movie with Gerard Butler), trying to make up for the fact that Haurion’s appearance is all her fault, and eating all sorts of snacks~! She shall be responsible for chapters 3, 4, 7, and 8.

Character Bios

Can be found here:

Heroes – Queen Elementa, Shellerus, Lady Aura/Hailey Gale, and Lady Ustrina/Emma Sparks

Villains – Lord Quaximus, Master Evanite, and Sorceress Rag

Others – Paul Benjamin, Kelsi, Quinn Merdoch, and the “Green Cloak”


Guardians of Concordia… The Blog!link – Here we post every time we update the chapters on this site. If you subscribe to this site, you’ll only get a notification whenever a new chapter starts. By subscribing to/following the blog, you’ll be notified every time we add a page! Each post will also include delightfully stupid commentary from one of the characters, never before seen art, fanart, ridiculous song parodies, and other “goodies.”

New! Ask Quaximus!link – Here Quaximus will answer ALL of those questions you have about the comic, the questions burning in your soul and begging for answers!

Aura’s Deviant Artlink – Aura has created seasonal, cosplay, and other crazy pictures of the comic’s beloved cast… which apparently consists of Quax and girls. “We’re the cutest~!” (QM)

Ustrina’s Deviant Artlink – Ustrina… well… be sure to check out her animations of sheer nuttiness. While she rarely uploads anything, she still has delightful extra art to share.


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