What have you just stumbled upon? This is a very good question, and it can be answered in a variety of different ways:


2)  This comic, The Guardians of Concordia, was inspired when we were deeply infatuated with a boy in our art class. Since he was into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we joked about stalking him dressed as a team of equally popular fighting girls. And we became Sailor Scouts. Then we decided this was worthy of a ridiculous comic series. We took out the Sailor Moon aspect, and the rest is history. (Oh, and these friendship bracelets we bought at the mall one day after art also played a huge part. They gave us the idea to use the elements. But it’s mostly that dreamy boy’s fault.)

Basically,  it’s all of our obsessions coming together in an unholy union. Ballet, magical girl manga, the insistence that our art teacher was a sleaze, and… Paul…

Paul, if you’re out there, we thank you for bringing us together as friends and inspiring this comic. Also, we love you. 😉 *demented giggling*

~ Ladies Aura and Ustrina

P.S. Here is a link to our secondary site, where we will post fanart and other silly things, as well as let you know whenever new pages are up, since no notification is sent to subscribers when we edit posts here. If you’re tired of checking back here all the time for new pages, just follow that site, and you’ll get notifications whenever there is anything new. ^^


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  1. Hi! This is Felicia from Kitacon. I’m messaging regarding your commission, the commission list was lost and I just need your e-mail. Thanks!!

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