Chapter Three

Warning~! This is chapter THREE of the comic! If you have not seen chapters one or two  yet, I advise you to head there first! And feel free to subscribe to our other site, where we post whenever we have updates here! Chapter four should be out by June.

Ooh hoo hoo~!

Nice boobsMysterious steaming salad?stinky foedus land Act 3 - Page 4Act 3 - Page 5Act 3 - Page 6Did she throw the chips or that mostly hidden pillow?Nice Haurion jammies. And what in blue blazes is on Hailey's shelf?Teleporting tortoises!Emma to Sane English dictionaries available soon.Meanwhile, in Stinky Castle...I still think he should have been shirtless!Heh... Haurion chair.Emma short circuiting?In reality, we are decent cosplayers.Sloth keychain.Poor Kris...tin...a...One day, I will drive them all the way to school...Darth VangirlsAbout time we introduced a tough chick!Yes. That's Quinn.Dem pants.And then he was on the floor.Never drawing couches like that ever again...It does say "costume," bee tee dubs.The awkward crotch-on-leg moment.Evanite seems pretty vehement about this, Rag. NO MAIDENS.And Rag's skirt shrank three sizes that day.'Cause Quax makes the whole scenario better.I'm more horrified by that codpiece, personally...Apologies to Layla Hamilton.For all you EvanxPaul fans out there. (Are there any?)The hot guys teamed up together? SUCH a waste.Oh god, Rag, what did you do to him?!Hailey actually showing concern for her friend?Farisai is just having the worst day ever...Paul watches in horror as Emma sets her hair on fire...What COULD be behind Hailey's head?Dang, Evan. Those are some fine hips."F---, this chick is annoying..."YES.Uh oh~! 8DOh. A Princess Hailey. THAT'S what you are.Quax underpants. An interesting thought.Yes. That is a ballerina sloth cell phone. And a Haurion alarm clock/phone.Only Paul's love can save Emma from her gluttony... or is it the other way around?I'MA EATCHU, BREADIn case you haven't guessed, this restaurant is... ITALIAN"Cool" enough to be fire? Stupid Evan!The Emma Face's triumphant return!In which Emma sets everyone ablaze?The rest of this restaurant is grey, brown, or Italian. Where did this couch come from?Legs.In which Aura/Hailey actually has brown hair, which my pencil crayon does not allow.Katie, how COULD you?Are Aura and Evanite charging up power? Or... just stinky?Sticky Ban!DA ANGRY EMMAAt least Asuna didn't just die for no reason.Good thing that pan attack was absolutely pointless.Poor Evanite - he just wants some attention. Ignore the fire.Whoa, these characters still exist?Moo.STICKYUstrina is very happy to hear this.Are you quite done, Ustrina?Why is she still dripping?One guess as to what is in there...Huhuhuhuhuh. 69.Shut up, Shellerus! You're not allowed to see Cake!Tracy...That depression, tho.Is he drunk?Holy hell, uniforms? They actually go to class?What happened to make that hole?!



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