Chapter One

THIS IS CHAPTER ONE. If you have yet to read any of this, you’re on the right track. Good for you. Also, if you are interested in getting notifications when we post new pages, do NOT subscribe to this topic (although you still can, if you want). Subscribe to/follow our second blog. Explanation can be found on its About page. (see link at top of its page)

How to Be a Lady -The Guardians of Concordia


6 thoughts on “Chapter One

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  2. This comic is highly amusing. Things I like about it in particular: they way Emma dresses, the goofy humour, page 13 in its entirety (you draw hands really well and the silhouettes are beautiful).

    • Hooray! I’m happy you find it amusing. Comic Emma DOES have a unique style, as does real Emma (Yes, she actually owns that dino hoodie xD… And the rainbow socks). I’m also happy to know that you think I draw hands well because they’ve always been sort of my weak point… And shoes…
      Anyway thanks for the feedback, it’s always appreciated! ^^

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